It would appear that everyone’s favorite new MOBA trend is Auto Chess, so of course, Valve has their own version in the works that’s built off of Dota. The game is called Dota Underlords, and it just entered into a limited beta where Dota 2 Battle Pass owners can jump in early to test the waters on PC. After a week of stress-testing through Battle Pass, an open beta will begin for everyone else, and this will include Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux), Android, and iOS users.

Valve has described Dota Underlords as a stand-alone game where you’ll face off against seven players in a battle of wits. Things like building, combining, and leveling-up your crew will make up the majority of gameplay, and unlike traditional MOBAs, superior tactics are more important than twitch reflexes.

In the next week or two (no firm dates have been provided) the open beta will begin for Android users, and the title will still be in active development at that time. Valve is asking testers to help improve the game during this period. A feedback button has been added to the game, which should make it easy to report any issues once we get our hands on the open beta.

Further details are currently lacking, so it’s unknown how Dota Underlords will be monetized, or when the stable release will land on the Google Play Store. Hopefully, more details will come to light as we near the open beta for Android users.